Sinkora Swim came to our rescue in the run up to IMTS on several new product launches. With Ed’s industry background, they were able to jump in, assess our needs, and produce a variety of winning material with very little input from our side and very little time. There’s no way we could have pulled this off with a typical agency, no matter how big. Best of all: Sales results exceeded our expectations.”

— Chris Stine, Executive Vice President, Morris Group

I’ve worked with Ed over many years and many B2B marketing projects and I’ve always found him to be a complete professional. Like many people in marketing, he’s very creative, but he’s also an excellent strategist who’s attuned to implementing practical solutions that get the best results for the least cost. He’s particularly good at understanding and marketing technical products, to include the challenge of selling European technology here in North America.”

— Rick Martin, President, Pascal Technologies

Sinkora Swim created a website for us that clicks with our prospective customers and gets top positions on Google searches. Plus they created a direct mail campaign that generates a 15% response rate every time we mail a batch. I couldn’t be happier.”

— Rick Brown, President, BVR Machine

Ed is one of the few people I’ve worked with who has been able to convince me to change my views on certain marketing challenges. That’s because he analyzes every case and thinks strategically. So after 20-plus years of machine tool sales success and professional networking, he’s the guy I call.”

— Brian Frederick, Director of Sales – IAG, SpeedFam

Ed Sinkora is one of my most reliable freelancer writers. He understands manufacturing and knows how to write a compelling, engaging story. Aside from being a clean, clear writer, he also understands the value of good photographs and imagery. Most of all, he meets deadlines.”

— Sarah Webster, Editor in Chief, Manufacturing Engineering