The intrusive RV – And other brand names that crack me up

The intrusive RV – And other brand names that crack me up

Gigantic RVs are impossible to miss. One in particular makes me laugh, especially when I see it parked near a house: the Intruder. What were they thinking when they named this thing? In what context does this work?

You’ll see them hogging up a driveway, dwarfing the nearby house. A visiting relative? The home owners vacation dream? Either way, they’ll think of it as a small “i” intruder in a day or two.

What about highways? Campgrounds? You’re off to explore America the beautiful, but everywhere you stop, you’re the intruder? Ah well, the laughs will die out over time, because they’ve retired the brand.

How about Stony Acres Nursery? (Rotterdam, NY.) Lazy Susan Daycare? (I forget where I saw that one.) Colonial Repair? (Fredericksburg, VA.) They say they service most major brands of home appliances, but I always imagine a guy forging an andiron or shining pewter when I see the sign.

I don’t know if I learn anything about marketing when I come across these, but they’re fun. I also realize that my own brand name (Sinkora Swim) is open to criticism, especially if you (like me) believe that the subconscious takes things literally. With “sink” built into my surname, maybe I should have invented another brand name.

Let me know which brands names make you chuckle. They’re out there!