Ed who?

Ed who?

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Ed Sinkora - High tech B2B marketing exec with an exceptional ability to drive sales success ► International | SEO | DM | PR | CRM

Ed Sinkora founded Sinkora Swim in 1991, focusing on business-to-business marketing.  In 1997 he joined one of the world’s leading machine tool companies to run their marketing.  Promoted to senior management in 2011,  he left in late 2013 to restart Sinkora Swim because he still loves marketing and he’d love to float your boat.  He’s backed by a talented team of subcontractors, most of whom have worked with him for years.

Fun facts

  • Achieved a 16% response rate in a direct mail campaign
  • Combined video, direct marketing, & catalogs to help another firm score its two best years in its 70 year history
  • Entered new market with new product & grabbed roughly 20% market share in two years
  • Pioneered webinars in another B2B niche, at 1/5 the cost per attendee of the firm’s best trade shows
  • Built a corporate website that made sense of 8 brands, in 3 divisions, at 2 locations & enabled 35% cut in ad budget